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Choice to Tune to Your Goals

Because the meaning of performance can be at different times

Optimize for Latency

When apps are receiving requests that are shorting running such as web pages, optimizing the JVM Settings for low latencies will make your apps thrive.

Optimize for Throughput

TWhen apps are receiving requests that take time, such as data analysis, optimizing the JVM Setting for high throughput will make your apps be the best workhorse they can be.

Tune to Changing Load Characteristics

Apps Receive Changing Loads

Tuning needs to be specific to the load characteristics that the app is undergoing. But load characteristics are dynamic and periodic.

Automatic Detection of Load Profile Changes

AskLytics Machine Learning detects when load profiles change and when to apply the appropriate JVM settings.

Automatic Classification of Workloads

Apps receive different classes of work. Some could be short running while others are long-running. The system resources consumed are based on the mix of workloads that affect the JVM settings. AskLytics Machine Learning determines the mix and classification of every workload.

Tuning that Fits Your App’s Changing Workload

Some apps are under different load profiles at different times

Different Settings at Different Times

Recommendations are made based on the profile of the load that the app is under. Since loads are often cyclical, in dynamic PaaS deployments you can use different JVM settings based on time.

Optimization Based on Workload

Recommendations are based on the mix of the workload that the app is under. When there are long running workloads, optimize the throughput instead latency.

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