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Our Story

Born out of the persistent and widespread challenges of moving new SaaS releases from software development to the real-time operational environment of production; AskLytics was founded to make DevOps easier and to empower Performance QA Engineers and Ops to work together.

With the arrival of SaaS came the opportunity to release software more frequently. The subsequent growth in the adoption of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), led to an overwhelming influx of server types to choose from. As if finding the right server at the right price wasn’t hard enough, it was further compounded by configuration options already available on virtual machines and servers. The elastic nature of the cloud provided opportunities to adapt configurations to changing loads, but making the correct determination is a significant challenge for small and medium-sized teams and budgets.

There are many tools to test functionality and application performance, but very little help to determine the type of compute instance and the optimal configuration of virtual machines and servers. Before AskLytics, it was near impossible to predict the impact of new releases on infrastructure. Software development would be completed, but the process of uptake to a live production setting would drag on and on.

There simply had to be a way to make DevOps smarter.

In 2016 we resolved to find a solution that would improve the lives of DevOps. AskLytics uses analytics driven by domain-specific algorithms and machine learning to provide foresight to DevOps. Now they can look ahead with confidence and see the impact of new software releases. They are no longer working in darkness. They are no longer spending untold hours running unreliable tests.

Instead, they can quickly and reliably determine the optimal infrastructure to meet their performance goals and save money in the process.

Our Team

Tiago PoolaCEO

Tiago Poola founded AskLytics in 2016 and as CEO provides the vision and leadership for the direction of the company. Prior to founding AskLytics, he led the Middleware Systems Analytics team of Oracle's IT Analytics as a Service.

As an early stage employee of 4 startups, all with successful exits, he has the experience from ideation through growth to acquisition. He has built teams from scratch and led teams focused on customer success.

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VladimirChief Data Scientist

Vladimir Volchegursky has held senior Data Scientist roles in several startups and large enterprises, such as Nortel Networks, centered around systems and network management.

He leads the team of data scientists who are focused on statistical solutions to solve complex problems that make the lives of DevOps easier. Prior to AskLytics, he was the principal data scientist for Oracle’s IT Analytics as a Service.

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VictorPrincipal Data Scientist

Victor Olman has an extensive scientific career in R&D. He started with his beloved pure mathematics before transitioning to the now wildly popular bioinformatics. He is exclusively devoted to development of algorithms using methods from many different fields of mathematics such as statistics and probability theory, graph theory, numerical analysis, and others. His big data experience has been focused on extensive use of DNA data.

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Our Values

To achieve greatness, we have to be great values. At AskLytics we use our core values to shape everything that we do. They are the North Star that helps us to overcome challenges, take creative risks, and work smarter and more effectively as a team.


We value individual ownership. If we have hired someone, it is for a good reason. It is our job to provide the context and empower them to reach their full potential.


Our team share an authentic and heartfelt excitement about their work. This enthusiasm leads to employees who give everything to reach our standards of excellence.


We value an atmosphere of mutual respect and open communication. We trust each other to keep things simple and do the right thing.


We ask each other to be principled and honest in how we communicate, make decisions, and collaborate.


We tackle challenges head-on. If we are not pushing ourselves to greatness, then we are failing in our ambitions. Innovation and bravery push us to new heights.


We value openness and accountability. Internally, we share almost everything within the team. We view transparency as an opportunity to identify problems and improve.

Our Investors

funding the future of Intelligent DevOps

We are funded by HNW individuals from Silicon Valley who are passionate about investing in innovations that shape the future.

Our Locations

Headquartered in Sunnyvale, we have a presence in Chennai, India

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440 N Wolfe Road
Sunnyvale, CA 94085


1st Floor, A-42, 6th Street, Anna Nagar East, A Block, Annanagar East, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600102